In 2019, Satori became the first clinic in Southern Utah specializing in ketamine therapy for mental health disorders. Since then, the country has seen an explosion of clinics offering this innovative treatment; however, not all clinics– and providers– offer the same level of service. Prospective patients often don’t know what to look for when considering ketamine therapy. To aid your decision-making, here are 5 key questions to ask your ketamine provider:

1. Will I be left alone?

At Satori, the answer is NO. Other ketamine providers treat multiple patients at a time, leaving the patient alone in a room without in-person supervision. Satori’s mission from the start has been to offer one-on-one therapy, where a provider sits with our patients their entire journey, offering supportive emotional therapy. This is especially important for patients who are suffering from traumatic disorders, as ketamine can unleash difficult emotions. A skilled provider can help guide you through these challenging experiences, and unlock your mind’s natural healing processes.

2. What are my options for ketamine-assisted psychotherapy?

The best clinics will have an in-house therapist. Satori has been a leader in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, teaching therapists throughout the country how to use this medicine. Ketamine as a standalone medication is moderately effective as an antidepressant. If you just receive a ketamine injection without therapy, you’ll feel better– for a while. But the depressed and anxious thoughts will creep back in. Ketamine-assisted therapy allows you to maintain the benefits of ketamine therapy and re-write your unproductive thought processes. Again, this is a life-changing experience, especially for those with a traumatic past. The best clinics will have in-house therapists to help transform your mind.

3. How often do I get ketamine treatments?

Ketamine requires several treatments to relieve depressed, anxious, or traumatic thought patterns. Most clinics deliver six treatments in 2-3 weeks. On this regimen, you’ll feel great for those 2 weeks, but the benefits rapidly decline, and so you’ll likely need repeated boosters. Satori’s protocol delivers those six treatments over three months, making the benefits of ketamine more sustainable. Combined with ketamine-assisted therapy, the 3-month regimen will require fewer treatments and cost less money out of pocket.

4. How will your clinic provide follow-up?

Ketamine unlocks the door to the inner-most parts of your mind. But the real work of transformation occurs in the hours, days, and weeks after ketamine therapy. This is when you maintain the practices that will lead to life-long peace. Satori’s options for mental health maintenance include neural-feedback breathwork, group integration classes, flotation tank therapy, functional medicine and more. Our goal is to make you well enough that you don’t need repeated ketamine treatments.

5. What has been your personal experience with ketamine?

The non-ordinary consciousness produced by ketamine defies words. It can be beautiful, transcendent, thrilling, disembodied, and sometimes challenging. Patients usually want to know that their provider understands their state of mind. When researching a clinic, ask your provider, “What has ketamine done for you?”

These are just a few of the questions to ask your provider. If you have more questions, and I know you will, you can contact me at May you find peace today.

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