Suicide Prevention Treatments

We provide alternative treatments using Ketamine to combat the rising number of suicide rates in the United States today. Our doctors are dedicated and passionate about treating mental health and giving patients their lives back. Ketamine is a solution in preventing suicidal thoughts in as little as one treatment. Patients experience relief from thoughts of suicide and depression within 2 to 24 hours of treatment.

In fact, 90% of patients report a decrease in suicidal thoughts after just one IV ketamine treatment. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in kids, teens, and young adults. Rates have continued to increase in the last decade, with numbers increasing during the COVID-19 pandemic. This health crisis can be remedied by Ketamine, a medication that has been safely used for years. Ketamine is an effective alternative to antidepressants and other medications that take weeks to begin to work.

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic, used widely for over 50 years. It is a transformative treatment for mental health. It dissociates you from your limiting thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and feelings. It can help you gain insight into your true nature. Despite the length of time you haven been struggling with depression, Ketamine Therapy is a viable option.

How is Ketamine Administered?

Ketamine is administered through and IV, directly into your bloodstream. The insertion of the IV is virtually painless, even if you are highly sensitive to needles. During treatment, you will be comfortably seated and monitored throughout the process by our doctors.

Ketamine Therapy for Depression

Studies have shown that small IV doses of Ketamine reduce symptoms in patients with severe depression. Patients report that their depression symptoms and suicidal thoughts disperse entirely for an extended period of time. This is an overwhelming advantage to antidepressants that normally take up to six weeks to show improvement. Even then, medications can have much more serious side effects than anything reported from Ketamine Treatments.

Ketamine Therapy for Treatment-Resistant Depression

We have treated many patients that have had no success with other medications. This is referred to as treatment-resistant depression, leaving many people suffering from suicidal thoughts feeling like they have nowhere to turn. Ketamine Therapy is effective and has been proven to work for those who are resistant to antidepressant medications. Patients report experiencing immediate results in the reduction of suicidal thoughts with Ketamine Therapy. It is clear that we can use Ketamine for those who suffer from depression and help break the cycle of hopelessness.

Depression comes in many different forms and can occur at any stage of your life. There are several different types of depression that can be effectively treated through Ketamine Therapy including: Major Depression, Chronic Depression, Atypical Depression, Postpartum Depression, Treatments-Resistant Depression, Bipolar Depression and more.

It is important to know that the causes of Depression are not in your control. Our patients have experienced a number of life changing events that have led them to seek help. Genetics, for one, can play a major role. If you have a family with a history of depression, you are more likely to experience it yourself. These patients often feel like they have no reason to feel the way they do but still cannot shake their depression. Experiencing a death or loss can have serious effects on your mental well being, leading to thoughts of suicide or feelings of worthlessness. Conflicts with friends or family can also lead to depression. Events of abuse, both physical and mental, can result in thoughts of suicide. Sleep problems, dealing with chronic pain, and anxiety are factors for depression as well. Social isolation and students who are bullied are at high risk for experiencing suicidal thoughts. If you or a loved one has been through any number of these experiences, we urge you to come in and sit down with one of our doctors. We are not just here to offer treatment, we are here to listen and aid in the healing process. Treating both your physical and mental well being is the most effective way to create long-term relief from depression. We believe in forming a real relationship with our patients while simultaneously offering treatments that work.

How Do I Know if I Need Treatment?

Everyone goes through ups and down during their lifetime. Experiencing sadness, grief and loneliness are all inevitable. Although it may take time, most people continue to function and bounce back. It is when you continue to deteriorate that causes reasons for alarm. If your sadness becomes excessive and interferes with your job, your sleep, or your relationships, you should seek help. These symptoms, as well as fatigue, weight changes, and thoughts of suicide are all signs that you are experiencing major depression.

What is Major Depression?

Also known as clinical depression, major depression is a medical condition that goes beyond life’s ordinary ups and downs. Almost 18.8 million American adults experience depression each year. Women are at twice the risk of developing depression in comparison to men.

We offer Ketamine Therapy because it is an effective way to treat depression and suicidal thoughts. We want you to know that you are not alone in your struggle. We offer a free consultation where we get to know you and what experiences you have been going through. If you are ready for a treatment that is highly effective and can give you immediate relief, we urge you to visit our clinic. The benefits of Ketamine have been continuously proven through research and statistics. You can alleviate thoughts of suicide after just one 40 minute treatment. Your safety and well-being is of the utmost importance to us.