We combine Psychotherapy with Ketamine Treatment to heal our patients both mentally and physically. Psychotherapy is used to assist you in changing your behavior and overcome your problems in a healthy way. By combining the two, we can treat trauma, anxiety, depression and other disorders that impact the quality of your everyday life. It is important to receive Ketamine under a doctor’s supervision in order for it to work properly. Like any drug, if abused, it will have a negative outcome. We cater each session and dose to each individual because everyone is different both physically and mentally.

Ketamine is a synthetic compound that treats pain by modulating a neurotransmitter called glutamate. The effects directly depend on how it is used. We perform Ketamine IV Infusions because it is a safe way to monitor dosage and deliver a fast acting effect through the bloodstream. Psychotherapists have continued to use Ketamine in conjunction with therapy safely for years. It is a reliable way to help you face emotional issues that would otherwise take much longer to work through. If you have been suffering for a long time, you know how crucial time is when it comes to starting a new treatment.

How Does Ketamine and Psychotherapy Work?

Ketamine-facilitated therapy allows access to the unconscious because it produces a dreamlike state for the patient. The walls and defenses you have built up mentally keep you from accessing painful emotions, fears, and memories. Being in a hypnotic state allows these barriers to come down so you can begin to make progress with your mental health.

Due to Ketamine’s ability to place you in this state of mind, reaching a breakthrough and coming to terms with what you have experienced in your life happens much faster. When accessing the unconscious mind, deep-rooted emotion and trauma come to the surface and can be overcome in a healthy way.

What Happens During a Session?

Before any treatment is given, we take the time to get to know you and your history. Your doctor will discuss your medical and psychiatric histories and take into account any medications you are currently taking. Most medications are safe to continue in conjunction with Ketamine. Once your doctor has established a history and has learned more about you as a person, Ketamine treatment can proceed and dosages will be determined.

During a session, you will be in a comfortable reclined position. Once Ketamine enters your system, you will be unable to stand until the therapy is complete. Our patients report experiencing an overall relaxing sensation. You will experience what is referred to as a significant amount of dissociation, which is similar to an out of body experience.

Different emotions and memories will begin to come to mind throughout the session. Once the Ketamine Infusion is complete, you and your doctor will discuss what you experienced in your unconscious state of mind. This allows for personal discovery and helps you and your doctor create a plan to deal with your emotions and past traumas in a healthy and effective way.