PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety Treatments

Ketamine has been used as a medical means to treat depression, anxiety and PTSD for years.  It dissociates you from your limiting thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and feelings. It can help you gain insight into your true nature. Ketamine treatments are not a quick fix. Our infusions are meant to be part of an overall, long-term plan that offers a real chance at experiencing transcendence. At Satori Health and Wellness, we provide a safe, professional environment, where you can experience true relief from your trauma.


Among those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, they are triggered by a single or series of traumatic events. It is most common among military veterans and first responders, but also affects individuals who have experienced a traumatic event while living their everyday life. These patients experience sudden flashbacks, night terrors, and anxiety attacks they cannot control. It affects their ability to function normally. Ketamine Infusion offers a real way to help overcome trauma in addition to therapy.

Research has continued to show the positive effects of ketamine in treating PTSD. Studies have shown that a single dose of ketamine can result in the reduction of PTSD symptom severity. This is because Ketamine is a fast acting anesthetic that is administered directly into your bloodstream. Other medications can take six week or longer for any effects to become noticeable.


Ketamine has been shown to work for those suffering from severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Patients that come to us for help have tried different kinds of conventional therapies and medications, but have not experienced any improvement with their depression. If you have had a similar experience with failed therapies and medications that present more side effects than improvement, Ketamine Infusions are a viable choice. Since Ketamine is such a fast acting anesthetic, some patients experience relief from their depression and thoughts of suicide after only one session. The effects are different for each individual. Our patients find the most success when treatment is paired with psychotherapy.

Scientifically speaking, Ketamine activates parts of the lateral habenula region of the brain and creates immediate changes. The safest way to administer Ketamine is in a professional environment by a doctor. We consult each patient before any treatment takes place. Doses are specific to each individual, with physical and mental attributes being significant factors. If you have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and have tried other types of treatment with no success, Ketamine Infusion Therapy should be highly considered. Today, more than ever, an increasing number of patients are turning to Ketamine as a means of real relief to their depression.


Anxiety disorders cover a wide range of mental disorders, with feelings of fear and anxiety being common factors. Patients can experience physical symptoms resulting from anxiety in the form of increased heart rate and shakiness. Ketamine has been shown to be a safe and powerful treatment in helping those suffering from severe anxiety. Ketamine Infusion Therapy cannot be combined with some types of anti-anxiety medications. More specifically, any medications using benzodiazepine cannot be taken in conjunction with an infusion.

There are numerous disorders that leave a person experiencing chronic pain and lack of sleep. The effects of these disorders can result in depression and anxiety. If this is something you have experienced and the treatments you have tried have not produced any results, Ketamine Therapy is an alternative you should seriously consider. If you have questions about your specific ailments, we are here to answer all of them. We are here to provide a safe and professional environment where you can finally experience relief from your pain and step out of the fog you have had to endure on a daily basis. Each infusion session is uniquely designed for you. Each dose is different and depends on the person’s physical and mental attributes.

When choosing Ketamine Therapy, it is vital to choose a clinic that is qualified to administer Ketamine safely. Our doctors are board-certified anesthesiologists and chronic pain specialists. At Satori Health and Wellness, we believe the road to recovery and healing is both physical and mental. That is why we create real, lasting relationships with our patients. We are more than just a clinic, we are a family.